Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Too long

It's been too long since I've posted. That's mostly because so much of my time has been devoted to chasing around a toddler.

Well, now that toddler has gone to live with her mother, which is a great thing, but now I've found myself with much time on my hands and I'm rediscovering my old hobbies. Not the least of which is my blogs.

So now here's my latest input on my 'kids and family' blog.

...Uh... and now that I'm here I don't know what to write! Well, kids are doing well in school, that's good. Anna is doing well in her career, that's good, the swallows flew back to Capistrano, that's good....

We're pretty boring people. Never go much of anywhere, never do much of anything... I wish spring would really be spring instead of this cold windy stuff we're dealing with. I want to use our deck!

But, alas.

So anyway, we're in the home stretch of the school year, about a month left. Of course there's all the field trips and so on. Exhausting. And I don't go on any of them! But it's what they do, so every day there is another permission slip or some such thing and every day someone needs to be at school early for the bus or something or other.

I'd say I'm looking forward to summer, but I'm not really. It gets too hot here. But at least we could use the deck! But it's too hot! But I wanna use the deck! Waa!

We've got praise team practice in a little while. Mr. I has filled his brother's shoes and is now playing the drums. He's doing really well!

Um... I'm really rusty at this. Don't know what else to say. So I'm signing of for now. Maybe I'll find some pictures or something.